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knows this is daempk russ with speed limit at 45 for miles of open road until all of a sudden, right where hailey is hit it changes with no warning. >> if you look here this is a indication if you're coming from west marin there is a school if you didn't know the area. >> and this is 35 and 25. says school. there is a ride here once per week. >> there is no shoulder here. and drivers go 45 miles per hour or so. right? >> this is hard to say i'm surprised there aren't more accidents out here. >> such a shame. >> and an oakland public works truck hit two pedestrians today. witnesses say the city vehicle
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collided with and the public works truck careened on to the sidewalk and hit two pedestrians one shattered a glass door and cutting his head. >> the gentleman body half was inside and half outside. and then, the door was open. so she she fell inside. and in addition, all six went to the hospital. >> and the streets of san francisco will be overrun by children on two wheels tonight. 10,000 cyclists may clog parts of the city during critical mass. there is a live look along embarcadero right now. there is where this begins in one hour. and this will be huge.
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>> that is what we're expecting. there is a small crowd if we're going to get to 10,000 we're going to show up in big numbers. earlier we spoke with riders and police about what to expect. >> on the 20th anniversary of the ride one of the people who participated in that one says he suspects it will be a peaceful pedal around the city. >> it's been peaceful. and there has been incidents there is attention calling it a war. >> there are bicycles and cars at war? no. we're not. we have to share the road. >> chris carlton blames the news media for focusing on negative images from 1997. none of the people arrested
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for 15 years it has been peaceful. >> police expect it will be again, tonight. >> we don't have information for any type of vandalism. and there is going to be a celebration of 20 years of critical mass from around here, this happens every last friday in san francisco. from previous months and years you've seen there isn't an issue. it just happen autos talking with people and there are a fair number of critics. >> i don't like it when this interrupts a bus ride home. >> i don't like it. you know? >> and coming up there is a gathering and will update you here and there are par miss 'tis pants on the ride. >> thank you ask we'll touch
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base with you. it's hartd to say how this will shape up. and there are big numbers have not shown up yet. there is a view and the route is uncertain. and so we'll have to see where they go. and let's start to see where trouble spots are. >> right now, it's up in the air and this looks like abc 7 waze app will be expecting rolling delays where they end up. there is a free app. there is a jam and these are typical for your friday afternoon. there is where you can down load it. it's a free app you can see
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there is bumper to bumper and headed to the bay bridge. this is less than 15 miles per hour and again waze app will be a great way that it will happen. >> one professor from san francisco state says it should be a rejuvenation. and and there is critical mass giving riders a sense of community. >> my take away is that it expands peoples sense of what is possible in urban space. >> and he says he understands frustrations of drivers and points out the same type of delays. the governor vetoes a bill that has safe passing disstance and would have required drivers to give at
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least three feet of clearance and they were overtaking bicyclists. and says it increases a risk of collision. he couraged a -- urged a sponsor to work with his administration to resolve the issue. >> preparations underway for oracle open world in san francisco. the conference gets underway sunday. traffic is a bit of a mess and there is $120 million in revenue. the show will feature the music festival as well as a customer appreciation event wednesday night featuring pearl jam. >> morgan hill police say a woman who aband beyonded her daughter during a supermarket rippoff has taken off for reno with her baby and made
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suicidal statements authorities tell us she took her 1-year-old son in morgan hill. there is a green ford expedition with a wyoming license plate there is a warrant out for her arrest. and she left her daughter in that store. >> 19 veterans filed a lawsuit in san francisco federal court stating they were raped. in the armed forces and they face retall wraigs for reporting the crime. two spoke about the ordeal at u.s. college of the law and danielle hoffman says she was raped several times starting as a recruit. >> there are two choices willing or unwilling. and i knew it would is been punished more and abandoned.
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>> congress woman jackie speier is sponsoring a bill creating an impartial office of experts to review rape cases. the secretary of defense ordered military to improve it's sexual assault prevention program. >> a mother and daughter are safe after escaping a house fire in san jose. these photos on the scene show this roof engulfed in flames. just before 7:00 a.m. it was neighbors who called 911 to report the house was on fire. the mother and daughter had gone out briefly. two people inside are safe. >> good news tonight tonight. >> coming up, a spare the air day in the works tomorrow. >> there are temperatures rising and i'll let you know weekend temperatures with a
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word of caution coming up. >> and there is a deeb yaid over childhood vaccine. >> there is a phone that's could allow cyber attacks to erase pictures how google responded. the news continues in just a moment.
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police arrested a man they say stole a cell phone and investigators say the 56-year-old asked a fellow patron if he could borrow his phone to call robinson. and based on the description police tracked him to the apartment where he lives.
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and two teenagers face carson charges for a fire that damaged a playground. police arrested the boys after receiving a tip and they're being held in juvenile hall. >> arnold schwartzeneggar writes carl rove dismissed him as a light weight. this comes in the new memoir total recall. saying the recall election that landed him in the governor's chair would never happen adding condoleezza rice was his choice in 2006. >> the battle over vaccinating school children. there is a bill right now that would add another step for parents that don't want their kids getting that shot.
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>> in a last ditch effort parents rallied and urged him to veto a bill requiring parents to get a professional's signature in order to opt out of getting their children vaccinated. telling stories of how they believe their kids suffered major health problems. >> this bem take as way our right to choose what we deem is best for our children. i didn't know what had been done to my child. >> with the help of rob snyder a democrat, who joined republican lawmakers in opposing the bill. >> the state has no authority to restrict or eliminate a parent's right to exempt their child from vac yeenz or medical procedure. >> one of the country's leading experts in pediatric infections says it's tough to compete with a celebrity with a message but reality is that
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vaek yeens are effective ask too many are not getting them because it's too easy for nairnts california to fill out the personal belief exemption form. >> we're org nidzing and how, we can prevent deaths so there is a lot of misinformation out there. >> he also points out people can still opt out of getting their kids vaccinated it only requires parents to be counse counseleled on benefits of shots. >> right now, parents sign a form on their own and what this bill aims to do is parents signs a form and the health care provider signs it, also. >> the governor has until midnight to act on the vaccines bill. >> and officials will now monitor suspensions in oakland for the next five years and data shows african american students are suspended in a dispro portional yathly higher rate than other classmates. the district plans to revise policies providing training for teachers and
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administrators and to deal with student misbehavior without suspension autos american airlines pilots saved letter from the airline blame blaming them for coast to coast flight delays and cancellations expected to continue throughout the weekend. there are courts allowing american to impose new work rules. american now says pilots are slowing the system down calling in sick and ordering maintenance on jets. the pilot union denies accusations and the airline is threatening to sue. >> there have been pilots disrupting the population. >> you can't hang a sword over our heads. >> the rate was 53%. average rate almost 80%. >> google not commenting on a report about the flaw in android operating system could disable smart phones. there is a system found
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vulnerable to attack. and he says he told google about the flaw and a fix was applied but google didn't publicize it using most unaware of the flaw. >> there is business ini'der reports marisa myer is making change whitz comes to the way the company will roll out products saying myer is demanding products shipped out and generate $100 million dollars or the bottom line. if that can't happen yahoo reportedly won't bother with the product. and san francisco expanded plastic bag ban is just around the corner now there is no retailers in the city will be allowed to offer you plastic. and retailers will be charging customers so cents for a paper or kpoftable tag.
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in july, the man will expand to increase restaurants as well. >> weekend is here and that is now going away. >> there is a little bit cooler and not this cool this is going to disappear, it's going to heat up. you're looking at a live puck tour of the fog layer there this is for those of you that don't like the hot weather don't worry, it's not starting just yet. you can see the bay and coast and they're socked in at this hour, temperatures mid to upper 50s. you can see why it's been so chilly at the coast and inland areas like antioch only 84 this afternoon. so there is a cooler day.
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this finger of fog is never quite clear you can see the bay bridge we're dealing with fog this afternoon. there are temperatures held down at the 50s on the coast. there are highlights, warm to hot for weekend so temperatures will be rising starting tomorrow. there is an excessive heat watch going up this weekend there is a heat watch monday evening for north bay interior valleys and santa cruz mountains. interest and away from the coastline with additional warming mob monday this is a pro longed period of hot weather. with this coming up just want to remind you of precautions. don't leave little ones or
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pets in the car. there is a saturday at 5:00 a.m. and mob, monterey bay beaches will be impacted by possible strong rip currents sob careful out there. tomorrow morning starting out with fog. misty in spots. and bundle up, temperatures into 50s across the region. bayside, coastal fog. afternoon starting to warm up. 86 in campbell. there is a the accu-weather forecast. on the peninsula, 77 in san mateo. there is 62 degrees. 62 in daily city. there is only into 60s today, there is east bay communities
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there is a warmer day. 78 in san leandro. inland areas will be warm. 90s in concord there is 90 in gill roi. accu-weather forecast getting hot inland by sunday. 98. 74 on the coast. monday, triple digit heat inland we're going to hang on tuesday before temperatures starting to cool off. and there is 49,000 viewers liked us on facebook. skpf that will take you to the page to fill out a form. we'll announce the winner here on abc 7 news so much going on this weekend. yes. yes. want to remind you fine arts and crafts fair ising on.
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so much happening the bay area. just be careful out there. going to be hot and dry. >> thank you very much. >> still head are you expecting a little one? then you don't want to miss finney's friday free stuff. something for baby and you. >> there is opening of the new arts and entertainment venue. we'll be right bacña
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love this time of the week. it's friday, free stuff. >> there is a special delivery
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from the stork. >> this is for cheryl. >> there is. >> don't start that rumor. >> do you know k cups? safeway is now making those and there are a bunch of coffees and apple sider and a bunch more, you're going to get a free box this is a good price you're going to get them free. >> that is a great deal this is birth and baby fair being held at fort mason in san francisco tomorrow only and there is a free ticket. this is really fun if you're an expectant parent or there
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is gifts and there is a good time. a lot of demonstrations, lectures and local organizations and it's worth checking out if you have a young one. >> and what if kids are grown? >> how do we get that stuff? >> there you go. >> at any time you can log on to abc 7 >> and there is more on the web site, i bet. >> we do. thank you. two additional item autos way to go. >> good hits. >> there is
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coming up at 6:00 bikers gathering for the 20th anniversary of krift cal mass,
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will it be uneventful for a critical mess? and troubling shortages of two food banks that are low on supplies because the government hasn't lived up to kmimts for months and there is a silent movie revealing the bay areas past. >> that looks like fun. >> thank you. >> and there is history coming alive for students in one class. >> they were invited to dig up some of the san francisco past near land's end. >> they were able to unearth tile four. >> other artifacts going to go to historic records. >> there are lesson plans teaching kids about archeology and changing landscape. >> that is terrific experience. >> that is go gs to do it for us. >> from all of us here thanks for watching.

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